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Ending Your Marriage? You’ll Find Steady, Experienced Guidance Here.

Divorce is inherently emotional, but it does not have to be contentious or drawn out. Many couples are able to divorce in a civil manner, and the right lawyer can help with that. Attorney Erin Richards-Wilhelm has considerable experience with divorce in Colorado.

Whether you just need help with the paperwork or want someone to guide you through every step of the process, you can rely on Richards Law Office, P.C. Ms. Richards-Wilhelm is prepared to provide as little or as much family law representation as you require. If your case needs to go to trial, she will be ready to vigorously protect your interests in the courtroom. She is a strong, accomplished litigator. Learn more today by contacting her online or by calling 970-456-1898.

An Attorney Who Is Ready To Protect Your Rights In Divorce

Ms. Richards-Wilhelm can assist you with all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Legal separation
  • Division of marital assets and debts
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony
  • Post-decree modifications
  • Unbundled services—you pay only for certain services and do the rest yourself
  • Child custody

She can also mitigate or reduce the stress of the divorce process when necessary. She provides compassionate representation during what can be a difficult time.

Divorce With Complex Assets

Do you and your spouse have sophisticated assets such as a business, significant pension/retirement savings, multiple homes, investments or a high net worth? These types of cases require the guidance of an experienced lawyer to ensure the correct valuation of the assets and to negotiate an equitable division of them. Ms. Richards-Wilhelm has handled these types of divorces and understands all that is involved with receiving a fair distribution of the assets and debts.

In addition, she is a savvy negotiator and tough trial attorney who will fight for the distribution that you are entitled to, whether in negotiations, mediation or at trial.

Take The First Step Today In Resolving Your Divorce

You will probably feel better once you have spoken to an attorney and gotten some answers to your questions. To set up an appointment, call Richards Law Office, P.C., in Glenwood Springs at 970-456-1898 or send an email with your information.