A Focus On Immigration And Protecting Families

Faced With Deportation? You Need A Seasoned Attorney.

You have a family here along with investments in your job and community. You want to stay, but as an immigrant, you are under the threat of deportation. When U.S. authorities detain you or a family member, uncertain times lie ahead.

It is now a crucial time to retain an aggressive and knowledgeable legal advocate. The attorney at Richards Law Office, P.C., in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, will work diligently for the release of detained immigrants, provide effective litigation defense in removal proceedings, and pursue any appeals from unfavorable outcomes.

Helping Clients Remain In The Country

Attorney Erin Richards-Wilhelm is passionate about helping immigrants and their families stay in the country and secure lawful status. Understanding, attentive, and results-oriented, she will meet with you to discuss your legal options.

Ms. Richards-Wilhelm has helped immigrants from all over the U.S. remain here. She can practice in any immigration court in the U.S. and has helped many immigrants in her effort to stop deportation based on:

  • The hardships that may come upon family members
  • The waiver of previous crimes or immigration-related violations
  • Claims of citizenship
  • Claims to asylum and other persecution-based forms of relief from removal

There are many examples of how she has helped her clients. For example, she has helped many longtime residents in cancellation of removal cases, successfully petitioned for asylum for others, obtained waivers for permanent residents detained for a previous criminal charge, and represented permanent residents who have been placed in removal proceedings.

Call Today If You Face Removal Proceedings

Immigration law is complex, but matters can be even more so when removal proceedings are part of the equation. Richards Law Office, P.C., in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, will defend immigrants who face deportation. Erin Richards-Wilhelm is knowledgeable and effective. Please contact her online or call 970-456-1898. Se habla español.