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Do Not Lose Hope For An Appeal

United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) does not always make the correct decision regarding visa petitions, removals and other matters. In some circumstances, you have the chance to file an appeal. To have the best chance at success, you need an attorney to construct a strong case on your behalf.

You can rely on attorney Erin Richards-Wilhelm, who has spent years representing immigrants living in Colorado and around the world. At Richards Law Office, P.C., she has filed appeals successfully for numerous clients, helping them protect their status and remain in the United States.

What Are The Options For Appeals?

Appeals go to one of two entities: the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) or the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). These processes differ in two main ways:

  • The AAO handles appeals of immigration decisions made by the USCIS, which includes most visas.
  • The BIA handles appeals made by judges. These include removal and asylum cases.

Even with an appeal, there is still the risk that the AAO or the BIA upholds the previous decision. Your final option would be an appeal in federal court, which Ms. Richards-Wilhelm can help you file.

Why Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

This appeal might be your last chance of receiving a favorable outcome to your immigration law case. There is a strict statute of limitations as well as many tiny, complicated details that can ruin your appeal if not completed properly. If you do not have an attorney to assist you, you stand to lose your chance of living permanently in the United States.

Start Your Appeal Today

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