DUI education programs in Colorado

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If you receive a conviction for driving under the influence in Colorado, the judge can order you to attend a DUI education program. The Office of Behavioral Health has designated various service levels depending on the circumstances of your case.

Review the Colorado DUI education requirements if you face a court date for this offense.

Types of DUI education

The court can order one of these categories of DUI education:

  • Level I, typically for someone with no prior history of DUI, requires 12 hours of classes over at least three days.
  • Level II, for more serious offenses or those who require treatment for substance use disorder, requires 24 hours of classes over 12 weeks. You may also attend Level II therapy while or after completing the education courses.

Classes usually take place in a small group setting.


Types of DUI therapy

If the judge decides you require therapy, the court will place you in one of four Level II therapy tracks:

  • Track A for first-time offenders
  • Track B for first-time offenders who refused a breath test or had blood alcohol content above 0.15%
  • Track C for offenders with a prior DUI history
  • Track D for those with prior DUI history and elevated BAC or breath test refusal

Each track has its own requirements and takes about five to 10 months to complete. If you have multiple prior offenses, the judge may place you in Level Four Plus. In this track, you will receive 180 hours of clinical treatment with a clinician approved by the OBH for substance use disorder.